Into The Astral Lands: Top 10 Most Terrifying Places in the Known Universe

Through the Cracks: December’s Short Story

The Treval Z20 is a car that should not exist. For Deon Clark, it may be the one thing that proves his story. Through the Cracks is a short horror/story that should appeal to anyone who likes the Twilight Zone or Black Mirror style anthology shows, as well as similar fiction. Release Schedule is as follows:DECEMBER 16th:…

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Another Near Miss: The Danger of Near-Earth Asteroids

A lonely sentinelcompletes another orbit in the void of space, daring to swing closer to the Sunthan even Mercury. Little do the denizens of Earth know, that one tinygravitational interaction between either Mercury or Venus, could send thisobject on a collision course with the Earth. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…a large asteroidjust…

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7 Days Till Echoes: 11 of my favorite, terrifying places in the solar system. #7 Coronal Mass Ejections

  Coronal Mass Ejections (CME’s for short) are large expulsions of plasma from the Sun’s corona. Sometimes ejecting billions of coronal material in a fixed magnetic field, carrying an embedded magnetic field stronger than the background radiation of the solar wind. These CME’s can sometimes reach our planet in as little as 18 hours, while…

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8 Days Till Echoes: 11 of my favorite, terrifying places in the solar system. #8 The Great Red Spot

We’ve already talked about Jupiter’s liquid metal ocean, but even cooler (and a bit scarier) is the Great Red Spot. With wind speeds reaching over 400 miles per hour, and a surface area that could swallow the Earth twice over, the Great Red Spot is one of the largest storms in the star system. While…

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9 Days Till Echoes: 11 of my favorite, terrifying places in the solar system. #9 The Surface of Venus

There is no vision of hell more perfect than that of the surface of Venus. With it’s cracked, rubble strewn orange surface, yellow sky, and blistering average surface temperatures ranging in the high 800’s (Fahrenheit), Venus has a myriad of ways to kill you. Whether it’s its extreme surface pressure, which measures at 92 Bar…

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10 Days Till Echoes: 11 of my favorite, terrifying places in the solar system. #10 Yellowstone Supervolcano

Yellowstone national park is a natural wonder. Anyone that visits will tell you that there are few places on Earth that look quite as stunning as Yellowstone (personally, I think Yosemite is nicer, fight me), but this beautiful park is hiding a dark secret that could decide the fate of the human race. Yellowstone is…

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11 Days till Echoes – My Favorite, Terrifying Places in the Solar System! #11 Jupiter’s Hydrogen Sea of Jupiter

With 11 days to go till Echoes of Olympus Mons comes out, I decided to do a series of 11 mini-blogs about the most terrifying places in our solar system. Each day, I’ll be focusing on a different part of our solar backyard. Today, I’m focusing on the hydrogen sea that is thought to exist…

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Tone, Mood, and Disagreeing With your Characters with Phoenix Bunke

Here it is, you’re not gonna want to miss this one if you’re a writer. Phoenix and I chat about the common problems she sees in first drafts. We talk about fixing tone and mood as well as how to disagree with your less than likable characters. You can find P.R. Bunke’s blog here:…

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Nobilis, And Why Constructive Criticism Matters, with Stephen Coghlan!

Today, I’m chatting with Stephen Coghlan about his upcoming novel, Nobilis, his other works, as well as why he thinks you should listen to constructive criticism in order to grow as writers. Check out Stephen:

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The Angel of Bishops Gate, Accents and Character Voice, with Eloise Reuben

Today, I’m interviewing Eloise Reuben, author of The Angel of Bishopsgate. We talk about the book, accents, character voice, and writing habits! It’s a great conversation and I’m sure you’ll love it. Her book comes out in just a few days too! You can Pre-order it here!

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Augur of Shadows and Supporting Indie Authors with Jacob Rundle

Today I’m chatting with author and book blogger Jacob Rundle. We’ll be talking about his book, Augur of Shadows, his inspiration for the work, as well as how he plans on helping to support the indie writer community. Links mentioned in the podcast: Pre-order Augur of Shadows: Follow Jacob on Twitter: @jrundy08

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Archangel, Big Red Pen Editing, and D&D with D. William Landsborough!

Today, I’ve got a special guest with me. D. William Landsborough chats with me about his debut novel, Archangel, his editing business, Big Red Pen, and we discuss the value of D&D and other table top role playing games. Here are the links from the video: Pre-order Archangel: Big Red Pen Editing:

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Into the Astral Lands [Audio “Book”] Part II

Today on Into the Astral Lands Podcast, it’s the second part of the audio book for my cosmic horror short story, Into the Astral Lands. The very story this podcast is named after. If you’re not following me over on twitter or Facebook, follow the links to check me out on those platforms.…

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“TAU” Is Bad At Making Friends–A Review

Today, I’m reviewing the Netflix original film TAU. It’s about a deranged scientist who kidnaps a group of people and forces them to help his artificial intelligence program “TAU” to grow into something his board members will be happy with before launch day. If you’re not following me over on twitter or Facebook, follow the…

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Into the Astral Lands Podcast 021: Voltron Legendary Defender Review

Today, I’m talking about Voltron: Legendary Defender, the Netflix original animated series that’s produced and written by the people behind Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. After the four or five minute mark, there will be spoilers. So, you are forewarned. If you’re not following me over on twitter or Facebook, follow…

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Into the Astral Lands 019: Nightflyers vs Who Goes There[Novella vs Novella]

Today, I’m comparing Nightflyers against the novella that inspired John Carpenter’s 1980’s horror SF classic The Thing. I got to thinking about Who Goes There? while reading Nightflyers, and couldn’t help comparing their similar themes and the general paranoid tone. If you like this podcast, if you like what I do here, go ahead and…

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Reader Immersion & POV: What Makes a Character Memorable? Part I

I began thinking about this blog entry during my read through of George R.R. Martin’s Nightflyers novella two Sundays ago. It’s always at the forefront of my mind in my creative process to be thinking about creating memorable characters. Martin is usually very good at this, along with world building, establishing interesting lore, and at times letting side characters…

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About the Author

Hello! I’m Eric Malikyte, writer and illustrator. Welcome to

I primarily write dark fiction, cosmic horror, science fiction with horror elements, and dark fantasy. I was raised on a healthy diet of science fiction, fantasy, and a fear of the unknown. Thanks to shows like Sightings and The Art Bell Show, I developed a mixed interest in the sciences and the paranormal. I live in Northern Virginia, where I spend time working odd hours and talking to my cat while I write my novels.

A Breakdown of What I’ve created So Far:

I’ve been on Patreon for almost two months now, and three short stories have been funded so far! But, writing isn’t the only thing that I do. I also illustrate all of my covers. Let’s take a look at the covers I’ve made so far.

“To Dance on Her Digital Strings”

By Eric Malikyte


The cover for To Dance on Her Digital Strings has bit of an 80’s vibe going for it. People have also said it reminds them of a William Gibson cover.

It was illustrated in Clip Studio Paint EX (an amazing and affordable drawing program.)

To Dance on Her Digital Strings is about a society that’s entirely controlled by an overbearing artificial intelligence.

To learn more, click here.


By Eric Malikyte



The cover to Glitch is the first one to be recorded with my DSLR.

About an hour of footage is available for patrons to view, detailing my process.

My art style has been influenced greatly by anime like Ghost in the Shell and Evangelion.

When I was a kid, I caught Armitage III: Poly Matrix on the SciFi Channel. My fragile prepubescent mind was blown away by the cyberpunk visuals. Though, the movie’s not very good when compared to Ghost in the Shell and even other cyberpunk properties like Blade Runner and Altered Carbon, it still holds a special place in my heart.

Glitch is all about ancestor simulations.

To learn more, click here.


“Into the Astral Lands”

By Eric Malikyte


Into the Astral Lands may just be the flagship title of my patreon! It shares the same name as my podcast, and, you probably noticed that the cover details the same scene as my website banner.

The story launches my dark fantasy/cosmic horror universe.

There’s also about an hour of footage available for patrons to view!

Into the Astral Lands is about a man’s struggle to hold onto his humanity when faced with the truth of entities beyond time. I just wanted something heavy in contrast and creepy as hell for the cover. I think I achieved that.

To learn more about Into the Astral Lands, click here.



By Eric Malikyte


And, one of the fastest covers I’ve ever made.

The cover to HEADCASE is meant to look like a Rorschach test and a brain scan simultaneously.

There’s no footage for this one, because of how quickly I created it (under twenty minutes), but I think the design speaks for itself.

To learn more about HEADCASE, click here.












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