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After nearly 18 years, and two years of editing, my dark fantasy epic is ready to be released to the world. A mashup of Game of Thrones, Avatar the Last Airbender, and some good old Lovecraftian horror, The Man Without Hands (Suleniar's Enigma Book 1) is the start of an emotional, epic character driven story that follows a doomed people as they teeter on the edge of extinction, while the gods that rule their world prepare for the last war.

The last war is on the horizon...

On an alien world, beneath an alien sky, deep beneath the mountains, the last remnants of a doomed people are preparing to go to war. Their enemies rule the humans of the world above like gods and command the power to reshape the planet itself.

The High Elder has declared that all Sulekiel youth must enter the Trials, giving them months to prepare for a deadly test of strength and otherworldly power when they should have had years. For Sage, the son of a traitor, it is a chance to prove himself to those who never trusted his tainted blood.

But none of the Sulekiel are aware of the power sleeping inside of him—or that one of their brethren has traversed the veil between universes, traveling to a place called Earth on a reckless quest to fulfill a bargain with an Eldritch god, leaving a trail of death and destruction in his wake. As the consequences of this traveler’s doomed bargain reach across worlds, powers beyond comprehension stir. The fate of both worlds might just rest in the hands of the traitor’s son and a desperate small-town cop.