Buy Ego Trip (Neo Rackham Book 1)

My first cyberpunk book is out! 

I'm beyond excited to present this thing to you all. 

Paul Anderson Fou lives the un-glamorous life of a fast food worker. He's made underachieving a profession, spending days of his life wasting away in Rackham Social VR. That's all about to change.

             He's been given the opportunity of a lifetime by a woman with spiked neon hair and glowing, multicolored eyes who calls herself Dynamo.

             After obtaining a full immersion VR implant worth more than the cost of his student debt, she thrusts him into Battle for Drogon, a virtual augmented reality game that manipulates what the player sees through their VR Implant.

             Dynamo tells him that, with her help, he can earn a fortune through the game and fix his loser life. Paul is all too eager to jump in; but, is this game more than Dynamo is letting on?

              In a city owned by a corporation state, where violating terms of service could give Paul a one way ticket to the Mind Wrecker, is trusting her worth the risk?