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At last, my second novel Mind's Horizon will be available now! I’m extremely excited to bring this book to all of you. Thanks so much to all those that supported its development.


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Humanity's time is done.  


A modern ice age has all but stamped humanity out and left the Earth nearly uninhabitable. For Ira Hartman and the dysfunctional band of survivors that surround her, all that’s left of the old world are ghosts trapped beneath the still forming ice sheets.

Living in retrofitted tunnels beneath Riverside, California, scrounging for food, supplies, and desperately trying not to kill each other, things could be worse; but when their generators are destroyed, hope runs thin.

That is until Ira discovers a strange heat signature deep in the San Bernardino mountains. Ira bets it all and sets off toward the mountains, dreaming of what that heat source might be; warmth, shelter, water, food, other survivors?

But what’s been awakened beneath those mountains, can’t be undone. Something lies in wait, something that stalks the halls and watches, salivating for unsuspecting prey.

And what Ira and the others don’t know, might just kill them.